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CV in images; nicknames; out of the ivory tower; some theorems by me.
Miscellaneous (in Dutch): Tomtesterom; about the golden rule in the talk show "Reyers Laat"; a math blog in English and a math blog in Dutch.
Actions about pi day: Radio 1; Het Nieuwsblad; my pi show at min 2:05.

My column in the Flemish newspaper "Het Laatste Nieuws" is called "Professor Pi". It appears in the weekend edition of this largest newspaper in Belgium. Click here to see an example (in Dutch).

Some meetings I was involved in:
About the Ishango rods: the oldest objects of mathematics of humanity; about mathematics and art: MatOmium (download the conference book for free!);
again about math and art, but in Rutgers University (USA): Bahman Kalantari's Dimacs; and for the broadest audience, in Gent and Brussels: "Wiskunst".
Meeting about "Leonardo da Vinci + mathematics".


"Africa and mathematics",
in Dutch, French and in English (Springer).
Note: the chapter on the 'Da Vinci code' is about debunking it, not promoting it.
"The Codes of da Vinci, Bach, pi and Co", in Dutch.

Paper about this book in Flanders Today.
"Belgium and mathematics", in Dutch.
New: Wiskunst, order now!
"Wiskunst", in Dutch.