A Meeting about the "Mathematics and Art" Movement
Math Art Summit
Location: Royal Flemish Academy of Belgium
Brussels, Belgium
May 24-25, 2012
With the support of Duvel, Mutoh, and VSV Belgium.

The proceedings are now being prepared. They should follow the format of the Academy: English version. Note the following:
- the font is Times New Roman, 12 points, and no other fonts are allowed. That is: 12 points, even for titles and subtitles.
- all illustrations must be 'in line with text', not 'where placed', and centered, and the figure caption must be below the illustration, centered.
- send your contribution as a one sinlge Word file, and in case it is too large, reduce the size of the included images.
- no footnotes, no bold nor italic text except for the titles as given in the instructions.
- don’t put any pages numbers. So: no page numbers, please.
- about the number of pages: 2 pages for a workshop report (including pictures); that is, for all workshops given in Ghent and for the 2 workshops given in Brussels; 4 pages for a report about artworks of the exhibition in Ghent (again including pictures); up to 8, 10 or 12 pages for papers about the talks given at the Academy.

Group picture under the statue of Quételet